Malcolm Turnbull, please allow Fariborz's family to bring his body to Australia

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The body of Fariborz, a 26 year old Iranian asylum seeker who took his own life, is being held on Nauru against his family's wishes. Despite a history of torture, trauma and threats of execution as a child in Iran, the Australian Government held him in detention on Nauru for years.
After months of begging the Australian government for help, Fariborz Karami lost all hope and two weeks ago he took his own life in a mouldy old tent on Nauru. His mother, wife and twelve year old brother have been left behind to find what comfort they can in at least giving their beautiful, son, brother and husband a decent, dignified burial.

Known as being athletic, upbeat, and a born leader, Fariborz’s death has come at a shock to the refugee and asylum seeker community held in detention on Nauru. Many are now wondering, "If detention could beat someone as strong as Fariborz, what does this mean for us?"

But just as Fariborz's cries for help were ignored, so too are the pleas for compassion and understanding from his mum. She is desperate to have Fariborz’s body buried in Australia where he has family that can tend to his body with the care and respect he needs. They do not want him buried forever on the island that has become hell for them.

It's been more than two weeks since Fariborz Karami died on Nauru, yet the Australian Border Force has made no arrangements to meet his family’s request that his body be buried in Australia.

This family has already been through enough heartache -- for pity's sake, bury Fariborz in Australia and give his family some peace, Mr Turnbull.

The Iranian community on Nauru is trying to support the little family by circulating a petition calling for the Turnbull government to respect the family’s wishes and make immediate arrangements for Fariborz’s body to be brought to Australia. 

Over 200 refugees and asylum seekers have signed the petition that is circulating in all of Nauru's refugee camps. Can you add your name to this and demand he be brought to Australia for burial?

The complete lack of concern from the Turnbull government for the wishes of the family is causing anguish and distress for the family and the whole community on Nauru. 

Are we really such a vicious and mean-spirited country that we would force this poor family through the ordeal of burying its son and brother in a place that held such despair for him?

This is the one last thing we can do now for Fariborz - will you join 200 refugees demanding that he is given a dignified burial in Australia?

In solidarity,

Luisa Low and Julie Macken