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Petition to stop the Reschedule of Codeine/Ibuprofen medicated products.

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We the people of Australia wish to see NO changes made to the existing schedule for Codeine/Ibuprofen medicated products. 

Any thought of changing this availability to the public of these type of medications for reasons of people abusing this medication is absolutely absurd, when you could be regulating the amount that can be bought of these drugs via real time monitoring in pharmacies instead, and we do not believe that all Australian's should have to be inconvenienced further when we need pain relief!

Any change that would make these type of products become a "Prescription Only" product would have a serious impact financially on the Australian people (especially for low income earners who already can't afford to pay to see a doctor for REAL medical issues, and on top of that would cause more burden on the system and doctors with time spent in the GP's office just to get a script for these type of basic pain killers)...

So in conclusion; please define the amount you consider to be "Overuse" and then monitor that for any possible overuse via a 'real time' monitoring system instead, and then offer to provide the people who possibly overuse with the help they need to get off the medication if they wish or assist them in seeking alternatives, rather than force the rest of the public (who have done nothing wrong) to have to pay more to get a basic pain killer to treat our illnesses & ailments!  Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

The Australia People.


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