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It's Time to control the payments of CEO's.

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The outrageous amounts paid to CEO's of major organisations such as the Commonwealth bank and Qantas are worse than obscene. No human being on this earth is worth the money they are paid and their situations exacerbate the growing gaps between the super rich, the poor, and even the middle class.

I never hear this obscenity used in Economic rationalisation arguments and I think it is time for it to be raised as a start to overcoming the philosophy of greed that pervades not only Australia but the whole of the world.                                    

l don't know the totals paid to all these grossly overpaid sycophants but I am sure the significant savings, if regulating legislation were to be passed limiting the amounts payable to these greedy self justifying blights on society, could be well used to alleviate the lives of many of the world's under privileged.

In the famous words of Gough Whitlam; It's Time again.

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