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Malcolm Turnbull: I was raped and beaten by priests -- don't deny survivors compensation

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*trigger warning: petition mentions rape, child abuse*

I was abused, raped and bashed, belittled, traumatised by priests as a schoolboy. That is all the Salesian church will admit to. But now, the Prime Minister wants to allow the church to keep avoiding paying fair compensation to people like me.

My days are numbered, I know and accept that as my fate. Liver disease meant I have had three liver transplants and I’m struggling to keep up the fight now. 

When I was at boarding school, four priests would rape me. They would knock me out if I complained and I bled a lot. The horror has tortured me all my life and I always fought myself wondering why I was dependent on drugs and self-medication.

Over thirty years ago, I got into a lot of trouble with all this. My crimes were all drug related and the main victim was me. I’ve never hurt anyone, but now the government is saying because I had a jail sentence the church won’t have to pay any compensation.

I’ve always had to beg the church for any tiny bits of help. It’s been eighteen years of battling and twelve years just trying to stay alive. But I’ve read that while they were fighting me, they were using their $30 billion wealth to buy mansions for Archbishops. 

Still now in my dying days, the Church and Prime Minister Turnbull are treating me as the problem - instead of helping me or my partner who I’m terrified will struggle to keep a roof over her head when I die.

Malcolm Turnbull, please please help us so that when I die my loved ones aren’t left up shit creek without a paddle. Please allow all survivors justice and compensation.

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