I want the cost for all blood test for Cancer Patients to be covered under Medicare

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My Mum is a cancer patient and on a disability pension and every 5 -12 weeks she has to have blood test taken. One of these tests is no longer covered by medicare and cost 60 dollers each time she has to have it. Some times she has to have the test twice in 6 weeks a total of $120 dollers. Due to health issues her self and my Dad are unable to work and therefore are on disability pension. So $120 in 6 weeks is a lot of money to pay out. This test used to ve covered by medicare and since all the changes it no longer is. I am asking people to get the word out it's not just my Mum that is affected its other Cancer patients to they are going though enough with all the treatments let alone having to come up with the Money to have these test done. It's unfair it cruel and it should be covered by medicare.