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A piece of paper isn’t enough to keep domestic violence victims safe. Since Sydney mum-of-four Jean Lennon was shot and killed by her ex-husband on the steps of the Family Law Court 21 years ago, with an AVO document in her hand, not much has been done to save victims’ lives. 

On average one Aussie woman dies each week at the hands of a partner or an ex. Almost one quarter of these victims had already taken out an AVO against their murderer.

This is a national disgrace.

Here at Take 5 magazine we're demanding the government do more to keep women safe. We've demanded tougher sentences and imprisonment for violent offenders who breach an AVO.

But that alone isn't enough. And the technology exists to better protect women and warn them that they are in danger.

The NSW government is currently leading the way on GPS tracking with a system being trialled which has the option to alert victims, as well as police, when an abuser breaches a pre-set radius.

These GPS tracking units, in the form of an anklet, are worn by violent abusers at high risk of reoffending. The victim carries a device in her handbag that is used to call her if the monitoring centre believes she is in any danger, such as if the abuser goes within any pre-set distance of his victim.

But the victim alert isn’t always used in NSW and nationally we need to do better. We want this system to be rolled out for all high risk offenders for sentencing, bail and parole and all victims need the option to receive this device.

This system is currently being used internationally in countries such as Spain, Portugal and UK. In Spain, to date, 800 couples have taken part in the program over a 10-year period and in that time the country’s high rate of domestic violence deaths dropped to zero.

These victims deserve to know if the man who attacked them is near so they can take action and be empowered to make their own decisions.

She deserves the chance to take control. 

This GPS system that notifies both authorities and victims has saved lives so we're demanding our government give it a go. We're sending this petition to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Federal Attorney Christian Porter, Justice Hon Michael Keenan MP and Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer. Please sign it to show them you won’t stand to see more women killed at the hands of their current or ex partners.

Enough is enough.