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Help NZers get Aussie citizenship

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For several decades now, many New Zealand citizens have travelled across the Tasman and made Australia home. Unfortunately for many of them there has been no direct pathway to citizenship. This meant that NZ citizens were left in limbo land. The likes of Russel Crowe and many others have fallen through the cracks.

Last year the Australian government announced a new pathway. Under this new pathway NZ citizens would be able to apply for permanent residency after five years of earning over $53,900 plus superannuation as per the skilled migration visa.

They would then have another year to wait for citizenship, so six years in total.

The policy was due to come into effect on the 1st of July 2017, this year.

The Australian government however has shifted the goal posts and NZ citizens living in Australia will now need to wait 4 years after having permanent residency like all other immigrants, potentially a minimum of nine years best case scenario. The sad reality is that many New Zealand citizens have actually waited decades for citizenship. Some are now too old to get it.

What does this mean for them?

They can't ever vote. That's right. There is no democratic voice.

They can't work in federal government. That's right. They are cut off from jobs they may be skilled and qualified for.

Australia and NZ are supposed to have a special relationship but it seems that it's been forgotten.

Imagine that you had no voice. Imagine that you didn't have security. So many NZ citizens do not have security of knowing that they're here in Australia permanently. Many just want to legally hold an Australian passport and pledge official allegiance to Australia.

If you at all care about the underdog having a voice and if you at all care about justice then please sign this petition and send a message to MPs and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that it's not okay that law abiding residents, Australia's brothers and sisters are denied basic rights that so many take for granted.

Please sign this petition. You have no idea how much of a difference a small act could make on people's lives. Act now, because if you don't, you may one day find yourself without a voice. Signing this petition is a simple act that could mean freedom, democracy and a voice for genuine people, whom Australia is supposed to have a close relationship with.

Please encourage the government to remember that tight relationship.

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