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Have PGD recognized and funded under Medicare

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I was recently diagnosed with a familial genetic disorder meaning I have a 95% chance of developing ALS (think Steven Hawking). My wife & I were thrilled to find out that we could undertake IVF coupled with a process called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis which would screen for this deadly disease, ensuring that none of our children carried it and effectively wiping out the disease in all future generations of our family.

While the Australian Medicare system currently recognizes and provides rebates and assistance for IVF, an expensive process in itself, it does not recognize and provides no support for PGD which is just as prohibitively expensive as IVF.

Their are thousands of Australian families out there who carry in their genes debilitating and deadly diseases that they pass from generation to generation. These genetic mutations causing diseases such as Cancer, ALS, Cystic Fibrosis, Dementia, Hemophilia and hundreds of others are carried by one or more parents, who have a 1 in 2 chance of passing these mutations on to their offspring. PGD with IVF can screen for these mutations, removing the risk and saving thousands of Australian families from being effected by these diseases.

Think of it. We could stop so many of these diseases in their tracks, however PGD is pretty expensive and with no medicare assistance it remains out of reach of so many Australian families who need it the most, forcing them into the heartbreaking decision to choose between not having children or rolling the dice with their childrens health and safety. If you knew that your child had a 50% of inheriting a gene which would mean they would develop dementia or, if female, have to have a hysterectomy in their teens to stave of aggressive ovarian cancer... what would you do?

Hopefully you are never faced with this choice, and you can make sure no one else is either by signing this petition and helping to make the government understand that it needs to take responsibility for the genetic health and welfare of its citizens and PGD needs to be made affordable so that any Australian family effected by a screen-able genetic disorder has the opportunity to ensure the freedom of their children and grandchildren from that disease.

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