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Give Police powers to act on people who breach Family Court orders.

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I am a father of two children who is currently involved in a long and arduous custody battle.

Having numerous vexatious Intervention Orders placed on me by the mother (all of which were thrown out), having my children withheld for no apparent reason other than to alienate me and not facilitating visits on my assigned days, I have, at times, been forced to call the local police to establish there whereabouts of my children.

She refuses to call, text or email me about where the children are which I have had to convey to the police.

The tell me that ALL they can do is call the mother and perform a "welfare check" because they don't get involved in Family Court matters.

In my case the mother has withheld my children from me a total of 97 days this year to date (14/9), days which they should have been with me.

I've been forced to take further Court action against her in the form of a Contravention hearing which could take months. In this time she has breached more than 10 times with NO consequence.

I feel the police should have the powers to also charge the person for breaching a Family Court order when in place.

I feel that vengeful, vexatious parents use this loophole against the other as there is NO penalty unless you pursue it through the Court. Even then there is no guarantee that the Judge will impose one.

Our Family Law "system" needs a complete overhaul and police should have the powers to charge people who break these orders.



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