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Make Voting Voluntary In Australia

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Compulsory Voting was implemented in Australia in 1915 as a way to boost voter turnout. 101 years later we still have Compulsory Voting. 

By having Compulsory Voting we have our leaders elected by some voters that don't care and will "donkey vote" giving a gross misrepresentation of public opinion in Australia. 

For too long we have suffered from an attitude that was once our greatest asset. "She'll be right mate." Well "She" isn't right. "She" hasn't been right for some time and without change "She" will never be right. 

Our great country suffers from a case of, "same horse, different jockey." As long as either one of the major parties are in power things will remain the same. Laws. Taxes. Policies. Do nothing and nothing will happen. Change nothing and nothing changes. 

A few of the smaller parties have some great ideas for governing Australia, our Australia, but cannot get off the ground due to those who either take the safe vote by voting one of the major parties or by "donkey voting" resulting in either one of the major parties gaining or retaining the majority vote by default. 

In order to give the smaller parties a chance we need to end Compulsory Voting. In order to get a more accurate representation at the polls we need a voter who does actively care about the future of our nation. A voter who wants to implement change. A voter who simply wants to be heard, not a voter who sees Election Day as a hinderence. 

I put it to you Australia, if you really care about your Australia today and in the future you will sign this petition to end Compulsory Voting and get a more accurate representation when we elect our leaders. 

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