Ban Factory Farming in Australia: Sign and save millions of animals

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Factory Farming is not only BAD the environment and  BAD for your health, it is a cruel, disturbing, disgusting and a truly sick way to treat these innocent animals. All animals crave is the compassion that we crave, look for the love that we look for and fear violence like we do. No animal should be treated like this ever. There is already so much hatred in the world and these animals are getting it taken out on them and it is horrific

Hi, I'm Layla. I'm 16 years old and have been trying to give animals a voice since I was 9 years old and although I have seen some change to the way we now distribute our meat and eggs, it doesn't mean that this cruelty don't happen between those doors. I obviously love animals, as you can tell but I also have autism which can sometimes get me obsessed with certain tops. Lots of topics have flown through the years like, one direction, boy bands, pewdiepie (YouTube) and many many other things but factory farming and animal abuse has always been on my mind.


I was 10 when I first went to a local council meeting on the gold coast and spoke Infront of a few politicians. It was extremely scary but I did it because even if it saved 1 mummy pig and her piglets or a cage full of chickens to a grizzly and disgustingly cruel death, it would all be worth it.

While I was in primary school, I made posters to sign a petition to ban Factory farming and hung them up all over my school. I hung them up at lunch and then when I was walking back to class, people have ripped them and drawn on them in red marking, obviously marking blood so I knew that it couldn't possibly work out that way but I kept trying. 


Recently I have noticed a large amount of attention gone to the horrific act of the live export trade that is happening, especially now that the middle East are now getting into summer and the heat on the boat can reach up to 47°c which is insane. So many people are going against this trade, including me but NO ANIMAL IS LEFT BEHIND!


Please sign my petition to save these animals.

Thank you