Australia Recognise Endometriosis As A Disability

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1 in 10 females suffer from endometriosis. This chronic illness can cause debilitating pain among other symptoms.

Many women also have to endure multiple surgeries and are left unable to work and yet the illness is NOT recognised as a disability.

This disease is destroying lives and even pushing young women to take their own life due to the mental and physical pain that this disease puts them through. Many employers are unfairly dismissing women from work due to 'too many sick days', many private health funds don't cover the surgeries and specialists we need to see...the public wait lists are long and it's difficult to see anyone who actually cares. Often women will have 4-5 laparoscopic surgeries before being diagnosed and the mental anguish that we go through during diagnosis is extreme. It puts pressure on all relationships in a woman's life and makes everything so much harder. With the UK recognising Endometriosis as a Disability in 2017, we want a push to follow suit!

Australian women need EXPOSURE on this disease so employers, partners, family and friends understand what we go through. We want to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. Mostly we need more funding towards finding a CURE... or at least something to ease the pain so that we can find some quality of life and we want our disease recognised as a DISABILITY so we can receive the help and support that we need and deserve.

If you care about women's health and women's rights, you will sign this petition and help us to boost the understanding of endometriosis, recognise it for the disability it is and help support more research which that women are in such desperate need of.

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