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Enforce Pedestrian/Bicyclist Safety On Main Street in Watsonville California

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My Mother was Struck and Killed on September 11, 2017 while crossing a crosswalk at the intersection of Auto Center Drive and Main Street by a Vehicle. The car in question was driving beyond the speed limit and in sync with another vehicle who many witnesses state they looked to be racing/driving irratically at the time my mother was struck.  This is still under investigation. However,this is not the first pedestrian fatality on Main Street and is not the last since my mother's death. We need to fix this problem now.  There are no traffic cameras at all on Main street and people know that so they take advantage of how they drive. You can go out there and see this first hand. Main Street is a straight away street which is very visible just like WPD officer ridgeway stated "the straight stretch of road offered a clear line of sight that allows pedestrians to see vehicles approaching from a good distance" This also goes to the drivers who can visibly see a pedestrian crossing from a distance as well!! Pedestrians don't get to be at fault just because their not here to tell their side of the story. People need to take accountability for their actions and the City Of Watsonville need to take corrective measures to assure the safety of the Watsonville Community. We go out often where my mother was killed and we see speeding and cars racing right before our eyes and no ones stopped or ticketed. No patrolling. I dont know what the end result for us will be. Theres nothing we can do to bring our loved one back but we can prevent this tragedy from happening to someone else.There needs to be corrective measures taken by our city and WPD ASAP.  All Lives Matter!!!

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