Save Zoo Negara!

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Zoo Negara needs to be investigated for its lack of transparency and underwhelming performances on its workers and the animals they take care of.

Here are the main problems:

1. Lack of transparency from the website. The “Annual Report” is not available as it shows that that section is under maintenance. The “Key Personnel” and “Malaysian Zoological Society” will direct you to a “not found” link. This is worrying as the public deserves to know how Zoo Negara operates its finances. The website also needs to be mobile friendly and more creative.

2. Animal welfare. Based on a video that went viral last year, an Orangutan was seen eating plastic at its enclosure. This was picked up by news platforms like MStar and World Of Buzz. Visitors are seeing animals like a tiger walking in the same direction, back and forth, indicating a possible case of zoochosis. Which begs the question on the lack of animal enrichment. Visitors are seen to feed animals there with human food such as snacks.

3. Workers’ welfare. MTUC has urged investigations in the past to look into the issue of Zoo Negara delaying pay checks and refusal to pay the workers’ entitlements. It is noted that favouritism and nepotism in the business must be dispelled too and was also brought up by MTUC as well.

In conclusion, Zoo Negara needs to be investigated for these possible injustices. As an ex situ conservation, it needs to revamp itself into a platform of education, research and conservation. It needs to contribute to more efforts in protecting species in the wild similarly like how Zoo Singapore or zoos in New York City operates under Wildlife Conservation Society. We can only support such a place if Zoo Negara prioritises sustainability on its workers and animals. Zoos are important to safeguard ambassador species that cannot survive in the wild but will teach future generations the importance to conserve them.