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Reduce the amount of stray and animal cruelty in Malaysia

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Animal are a symbol of civilization . By utilizing animal to help in the daily lives proven to have esthetic value as wellas human helper which is often written in the great history of the world . As I am of very concerned about the life of stray may bring down my country's image (Malaysia) to a whole lot lower level in the eyes of the world . I would like to make a suggestion in hope to reduce the amount of stray animal ,especially cats and dogs , which are often neglected and not helped .

1.By approving law for heavier punishment for animal cruelty by mandating animal abusers to be put into jail and pay heavier fines which money can be utilise for our economy .

2.By providing free sterilization and neutering for all pet owners in Malaysia .

3.Imposes high tax on purchasing pure-breed dogs.

4.By practicing Capture-Neuter-Manage-Release/Adopt method which are more humane .

5.By educating the public especially among the religious community about harming animals and to correct the misinformed or uninformed citizen which are keen on practicing their religious faith in line with Malaysian constitution.

6. By putting a control/end of illegal/abusive animal breeders or animal farming which are mostly utilizing animals ,both cats and dogs, for profit of which do not bring any changes to the country's economy.

In line with what Netherlands approve for their country , it would be a great image to be the first stray friendly muslim country in the eyes of the world . This will definitely make our country have a better image that shows we are civilized city .

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