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No charges will be taken against Police Officer with the rank of ASP TUAN SIDI ABBAS at Kampung Panji, Kunak for canning 5 youth during Movement Control Act (MCO) as police are taking preliminary action before remand action taken towards all the youths.

Looking at the policeman already so tired in setting up and Manning road blocks under hot sun, heavy rain and unable to take good rest during MCO, policeman are also human and will also lead to frustration that happened when youth being warned for so many times but still stubborn to go back home.

Yes, the policeman should not canned them but the act of love sometimes canning is better than bring back the youths back to the police station and leaving the youths in Jail. One stern warning should Be given to this particular policeman to take other measures rather than canning and allow this policeman to still have chances to Be promoted.

Training one policeman is never easy, criticizing one policeman is a lot easier which makes them less confident in performing their job as a policeman in the future. During extraordinary Covid19 and MCO measures that government has taken, we should give more supports towards the police force and compliment them. “Thank you Wira Negara”