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Malacca State Government bans dogs in terrace houses, sentencing beloved pets to DEATH

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The State Housing, Local Government and Environment Committee of Malacca, Malaysia has recently issued a ruling that dogs are no longer allowed to be kept at terrace houses except corner lots, a ruling apparently made due to complaints from residents. This is a TERRIBLY INHUMANE decision to make in a country where dog ownership is already very restricted and already mostly not allowed in high rise residential buildings This blanket ruling will result in most dog owners being forced to give up their dogs, most of which will end up in overcrowded shelters, abandoned to become strays, or at the local council dog pounds where they will put to sleep or die slowly of diseases due to pathetically unclean state of Malaysian local council dog pounds (where dogs and puppies are forced to live in each other's excrement with no one caring to clean up!). All this because the local council has displayed a severe lack of intelligence and humanity in how to deal with these complaints, which obviously are due to a few irresponsible dog owners and not all. However, rather than choosing to take action only those dog owners whose dogs create problems for their neighbours, they have chosen to take the LAZY way out and condemn hundreds or thousands of beloved dogs to a life of suffering and almost certain early death. 

State Government of Malacca, there are large good number of Malaysia dog lovers who consider dogs like their family. So rather than make a ruling that will cause heartache to dog lovers of Malacca as well as this entire country, as well as needless suffering to thousands of beloved pets, we DEMAND that you reverse this ruling and implement rules that will encourage responsible dog ownership instead. Here are a few examples:

1)     Require dog owners to have their dogs spayed and vaccinated to reduce the number of unwanted strays and potential spread of diseases

2)     Require dog owners to be responsible to ensure their dogs do not cause unnecessary disturbances such as allowing aggressive dogs to roam free, or excessive barking. Dog owners must also be responsible to either train their dogs to not bark excessively, or if they are unable to do so, get their dogs debarked (this procedure is irreversible and should be a last resort, but nevertheless debarking is still a much more humane option than giving up a dog to almost certain death or life on the streets!)

3)     Take action only on dog owners who do not comply through fines or means other than forcing them to give up the dogs, which should be the last resort unless the dog owner is found to be abusing the dog

4)     If you are incapable of coming up to intelligence solutions to whatever other complaints you are receiving about dogs, please work together with the SPCA and other animal rescue NGOs to come up with a solution that will NOT result in needless suffering of dogs and heartache to their owners

The blanket ban is not only inhumane and makes a mockery of our recently approved Animal Welfare Act 2015, it also poorly thought out and will fail to reduce problems with dogs. Forcing people to give up their dogs will only encourage dog dumping, creating MORE strays. In addition, local councils will be forced to engage more manpower to enforce this ruling by checking and issuing summons to ALL dog owners who fail to comply. If your local councils lack the resources to take action only on the few errant dog owners that allow their dogs to create disturbances, then how will they enforce this ruling on an entire state of dog owners, most of which do not wish to comply with your cruel demands to give up their furry family members?

This country is supposed to be moving towards a developed state, and yet which such rulings being enforced which shows nothing but lack of compassion to innocent and beloved pet, this shows a severely UNDERDEVELOPED mindset in dealing with problems.

Malacca State Government, please reverse this ruling with immediate effect!

P.S: Supporters, please make your voices heard more by writing your complaint in directly to the Malacca State Government! Email your complaints to:

1) Datuk Ar. Hj. Ismail Bin Hj. Othman (Housing Local Gov and Environment Minister) at

2) Datuk Seri IR HJ. Idris Bin Haron (Chief Minister) at

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