Fix Lack of Shade Ranges in Makeup Industry

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It's time for the makeup industry to rethink it's lack of shade ranges and the issue that plagues it: colorism. 

For people of color, finding makeup that matches their color of skin is harder than it should be. 

Some makeup brands trick customers into thinking that there are more choices for people of color, while it is just an advertising trick. An example of this is Tarte Cosmetics, a company that made it seem that there was going to diversity in their foundation line, but there only turned out to be 3 darker shades out of 15. Going into stores and discovering that there are only 3 options puts people of color in a place where they can believe that they really are the minority and that the makeup world is just another place where they need to accept much less than they deserve. 

According to Cayela Cuevas, a student at University of Florida, "by excluding these shades, they are creating social and financial biases against darker complexions." She also states that "some high-end brands defend their decision to exclude deeper shades because they think there “isn’t a market” in deeper-complexion items."


Makeup is a way for people to express their artistic sides and/or to feel good about themselves and companies are limiting people of color in this field. We believe this is unjust. 

Sign this petition to demand that beauty companies increase their shade ranges and include all people of color. 

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