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Make our planet great again

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Donald TRUMP, president of the United States of America, confirmed his plans to withdraw USA from Paris climate agreement which aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades. 194 countries finally agreed to take care of our home, planet earth. Every single country united to fight for a better future.

Every single country except two. Syria and Nicaragua were the only countries who did not join the Agreement.

Today, one other country decided it did not agree to save our planet. The USA, by voice of its president Donald Trump, decided to leave Paris agreement.

The USA, by far the most polluting country in term of greenhouse gas emission by inhabitant, decided against billions of human lives, hundreds of billions of animal lives, billions of billions of lives to come, not to reduce its greenhouse gas emission.

And Why? Because of a short sighted vision on money making. President Trump does not see all the green energy jobs that could be created and compensate the loss in gas and coal production industry.

My initial reaction was shock, indignation, and anger, hence my choice to fight with the means I have. And I enjoin everyone to follow me.

I want everyone to think before buying anything from USA. Please refrain from it. Boycott it, just buy local. You will save gas emission by avoiding long distances transport. You will show your dissatisfaction and fight for Earth.

If each and everyone of us spends less money on American brands, it will showcase how important the Paris agreement is to the world. To us. To our kids.

Please make your money matter. Avoid buying American brand. Try buying local.

Sign this change and share it with everyone. We should have millions of signatures.

Make our planet great again!

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