Make waste segregation mandatory in all cities

Make waste segregation mandatory in all cities

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NestAway Technologies Pvt Ltd started this petition to Ministry Of Urban Development India

India produces 42.0 million tons of municipal solid waste annually at present. With rapid urbanization, the country is facing a massive waste management challenge.

With a 5% yearly increase in waste generation and the main solution being disposal at landfills, we’re looking at surface water contamination, soil contamination and pollution to name a few.

Domestic waste is thrown on the streets, construction waste  is left unattended, biomedical wastes are disposed into municipal waste stream and industrial waste is often disposed off in open areas.

In waste management today, segregation of recyclable waste is not properly done at source level and at place the of waste generation, initial collection of waste lacks a fully functional system.

Specific forms of waste are the subject matter of separate rules and require separate compliances, mostly in the nature of authorizations, maintenance of records and adequate disposal mechanisms.

The key to efficient waste management would be to ensure proper segregation of waste at source and to ensure that the waste goes through different streams of recycling and resource recovery.

The way forward:

While on the road to becoming smart cities, civic bodies should  redraw long term vision in solid waste management and rework their strategies as per changing lifestyles. They should reinvent garbage management in cities so that we can process waste instead of merely dumping it.

While processes should be set in place, community participation has a direct bearing on efficient waste management.

And hence, the onus is upon us to do the little we can as responsible citizens and be mindful of the waste we generate and also how we get rid of them.

Possible waste management options:

1)Privatization could be a solution. Segregated waste could be collected by private recycling companies.

2)Installation of waste-to-compost and bio-methanation plants would reduce the load of landfill sites.

3)Final disposal or sanitary landfilling could be done under public /private partnerships

4) Bio-medical waste could be managed by the Central Bio- Medical Waste Management Facilities.

While certain cities have been successful in implementing this,we should make segregation of solid waste at the source level, compulsory within all city limits.

At NestAway, we have over 13k houses across the country with more than 20k tenants living with us. Implementing waste segregation at a policy level would mean making so many houses more green, #OneBinAtATime.


NestAway Technologies Pvt Ltd


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!