For ALL Teamsters

For ALL Teamsters

June 1, 2012
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Make UPS Deliver
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Started by Make UPS Deliver

The company is making billions in profits. But many part-timers are making poverty wages.

In the next contract, we need to make UPS deliver for ALL Teamsters.

We will stand with drivers to win a fair contract. Part-timers and inside workers deserve a strong contract too, including:

* Higher Wages, More Guaranteed Hours and No Split Shift Language
* Raise Starting Pay for Part-Timers
* More Full-Time Jobs
* An End to Production Harassment
* No Givebacks

Get involved and learn more at

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* Download the petition and collect signatures
* Become a contract committee contact for your building or local

Make UPS Deliver are an independent network of rank-and-file Teamsters working together to make UPS and the International Union deliver the contract we deserve.

Petition Closed

This petition had 441 supporters

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