Make the UK Home Office visa application process fair & transparent

Make the UK Home Office visa application process fair & transparent

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Started by Rusty Goodall

********* UPDATE 2 AUG *********

After waiting 14 months for my UK visa application without a single update, today it was refused. I now have a matter of days to leave the country I love, my partner I love, our dog & friends behind.

I have also been refused the right to appeal from the UK, and my passport has been confiscated and will be sent directly to the airport where I will be met by immigration officers. Worst of all - The Home Office used incorrect information in their refusal letter.

Please read our story below & support this petition so that we can raise awareness for cases like ours, and the thousands of others who are also being affected at the hands of the Home Office.

Click here to instantly tweet to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid and ask him to overturn their decision.


Hi, we are Rusty and Stephen. We met on Tinder in 2014 whilst living and working in London. Over the last 4 years, we've dated, lived together, and travelled the world, and in the last 14 months, have settled down to start the rest of our lives in the place that feels like home for us both - the UK.

So what's the problem? Well, Rusty's Australian.

Our application was submitted on the 28th June 2017 - Well over 1 year ago, and to date, no update have been provided to the status of our application from the Home Office.

When we've asked what's happening with our visa application, we have always been met with the same answer -"We are unable to advise when a decision will be made but you will be notified in writing once made. Until such time, we are unable to assist further."

It is difficult to get on with our lives. But this petition isn't just about us. Things need to change for everyone affected. If you’re in this position of waiting, you have no feeling of belonging, you're restricted on work, and you can't travel overseas.

In light of the recent Windrush Scandal, we have become inspired and request that the UK Home Office visa application process is fair & transparent. What does that mean exactly?

We want all visa applicants to:

  • Be able to request & receive an update on the status of their visa application. IE: Where is it in the system, and how long until a decision will be made.
  • Have a direct point of contact within the Home Office for updates on visa applications.
  • Not feel intimidated by confronting the Home Office.

The UK Home Office has always been an impenetrable organisation, they are playing with people's lives, and this lack of communication makes us feel as though they could be intentionally delaying visa applications to satisfy targets.

If you have a pending visa application, then you have the right to speak up against the Home Office and seek the information you deserve.

Together, we can make the UK visa application process fair & transparent for everyone. Please sign this petition.

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105,165 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!