Make the Roblox Chat Filter less strict. (Petition)

Make the Roblox Chat Filter less strict. (Petition)

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Dandyboi ‌ started this petition to Roblox Corporation

As a Roblox player, why does Roblox quite literally tag entire languages? You can speak English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese, along with a few other languages, but most other languages are tagged. Safechat is overprotective, especially to someone who's >13 but signed up as a <13 user. The language restrictions are out of hand. Even going as far as sending Roblox Support a photo of my birth certificate with me beside it, did no luck. No idea if the Support thing was them genuinely being held back by COPPA laws, or them just being total bum-wipes. Roblox really needs to fix this, we're grateful we're even able to say numbers now. That shouldn't be. That should be a standard, not a privilege. The restrictions of Roblox chat are total baloney and they seriously need to be fixed. A good example:

"I'm going to build Tsar Bomba in Roblox!" comes out as "I'm going to build Tsar Bomba in Roblox!", the way it should. (Keep in mind, Tsar Bomba is a hydrogen bomb that is gone now and is not offensive in any way!)

"I'm going to build Царь-бо́мба in Roblox!", comes out as "I'm going to build ########## in Roblox!", for no reason.
This specific example, Tsar Bomba is not tagged in English, which proves they allow it in general, but it is tagged in Russian, therefore it is entirely Roblox's fault. Come on, Roblox. When you're trying to build things themed for a specific location (e.g. the USSR, where Tsar Bomba was built), it would seem strange to randomly put English text on something that isn't English, right? (In some cases, this doesn't always apply.)

They tag out certain cyrillic characters entirely. One I know for sure they tag out is Cyrillic letter "ь", maybe because it's resemblance to a Latin lowercase b? The only thing they're doing is making young non-English speaking players feel bad that they can't even speak in their native language. Seriously, Roblox? It's downright disgusting to even imagine that, but unfortunately, it's the reality. I mean, come on, Russian is the 7th most widely spoken language in the WORLD. It's almost as if they don't care, or something.
I don't think Roblox should remove tags entirely, there should still at least be some kind of barrier stopping slurs and derogatory language, there should be a standard, not tagging just about every word and saying "there you go, you figure it out".
Misspell "Hello" to "Heelo"? Roblox doesn't care. They'll tag it anyways.
Trying to give your sympathy to your friend's passed away relative? Roblox doesn't care. They'll tag it anyways. Trying to say "Me too"? Roblox doesn't care. They'll tag it anyways. Roblox seriously needs to lay off with the tags, it's genuinely baffling that it's gotten this bad. You can't even say "No" in Swedish — which is a language used by 10 million people. Of course most Swedish people understand and speak English, but when you can't even communicate in a different language? That's going a bit too far, man.

I'm making this petition because, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm sick of how Roblox tags anything that isn't English. We all know at this point what Roblox has become — they're just raking in the cash and not caring about what the community wants, what the community NEEDS. Roblox is just making their own platform worse and making its player base dying by not allowing certain languages to be spoken.

Amharic? Nope. Swedish? Nada. Russian? Try again. German? Negative.

Non-English speaking Roblox players are FORCED to learn English (or any of the other supported languages like Spanish) to even be able to play the platform or any of the experiences held within it. That's why we need to stand up to Roblox, as a community. Developers, players, supporters, we need to reach out to Roblox so they understand what's going on. How people can't speak other languages. As a Roblox community and fanbase, we NEED to make Roblox see this. Signing this petition isn't enough, although it's very appreciated and may help. As a Roblox player, I am asking you all to try to make this absolutely clear to Roblox.

Roblox players, give suggestions in the Support box, under the 'suggestions' tab. Tell them why their censoring system is terribly flawed, but PLEASE be polite.

Content creators, make YouTube videos about this, use hashtags in your video to reach out to more people. (#Roblox, #Tags, #RobloxCorp)

General petition supporters, I can settle with just you signing, if you can't do anything else to help. Please try to send this petition to all your Roblox-playing friends.

Although this entire petition may sound pointless and cheesy, it's a real problem we're facing and we need to stand up to them.

Please at least sign this petition to get more people to see.

Thank you.

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