Make the Oscars Fur Free!

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This year, let’s celebrate the Oscars by getting as many attendees and presenters as possible to go fur free on the red carpet. Animal cruelty has no place at Hollywood’s biggest and brightest night of the year.  It’s time to replace fur with the “fashion of compassion.”

What happens to animals to make fur clothing? Every garment involves immense cruelty, and millions of animals are affected, including rabbits, foxes, chinchillas and racoon dogs.

  • According to the Humane Society. 100 million animals a year are killed for their fur. That’s 190 animals every minute.
  • More than 30 animals are killed for just one coat
  • The animals are anally electrocuted, an agonizingly painful method of slaughter, to avoid damaging the fur
  • Sometimes the animals are even skinned alive
  • Before they are brutally killed, the animals have spent their entire lives in a cramped cage.

True glamour is about being compassionate to the animals we share the planet with. Actors on the red carpet set the style for the year, and by refusing to wear fur, they can send a signal that fur is on the way out of style.

We call upon moviemakers, artists, and trend-setters for the rest of the world, to join the ethical movement against animal cruelty, and celebrate art, beauty and compassion on the magical night of the Oscars this year.