Make the Gillnet Ban Permanent to Save the Vaquita!


The critically endangered Vaquita porpoise is the rarest marine mammal species on the planet.

Between 50 and 100 remain, and all of them live in a tiny region in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. Their only threat is accidental entanglement in fishing nets called gillnets, which are illegally set for the also-endangered Totoaba fish. There is a lucrative black market trade in Asia for the swim bladders of the Totoaba, fueling this highly destructive fishery. The Vaquita is simply an accidental victim in this situation, but nevertheless, it is on the absolute brink of extinction.

2016 is a "make or break" year for the Vaquita.

In 2015 we convinced the Mexican government to ban all gillnet fishing in the Vaquita's range, which is amazing news!

Now this year, we are going to have to make sure they flawlessly enforce the ban as well as make it permanent with the aid of Vaquita-safe fishing gear.

2016 has to be the Year of the Vaquita, or else it will be too late to save this magnificent animal.

Thank you for signing this petition and speaking on behalf of the voiceless!

Please visit the websites below to learn more about the Vaquita and how you can help!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Secretario de Medio Ambiente
    Rafael Pacchiano Alamán
  • President of Mexico
    Enrique Peña Nieto
  • Secretary of SEMARNAT
    Rafael Pacchiano Alamán
  • Director of CONAPESCA
    Mario A. Aguilar Sánchez
  • Minister of SAGARPA
    José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa
  • Director of INAPESCA
    Dr. Pablo Arenas Fuentes

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