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Make the DOJ Investigate Clarence Thomas' Ethics Violations

A group of 20 House Democrats led by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) are now pushing for a Justice Department investigation into Justice Thomas' possible serious ethics violations.

Justice Thomas failed to include hundreds of thousands of dollars of his wife’s income on an important judicial disclosure form.

He reportedly received lavish gifts and favors from a real estate magnate and personal friend who has close ties to the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, a group which has itself given Justice Thomas a $15K gift. He refused to recuse himself from three Supreme Court cases in which AEI had filed briefs (and their side won).

He has also so far refused to recuse himself from the upcoming Court consideration of the health care reform law, even though his wife, a Tea Party big wig, has worked tirelessly to defeat the law.

The appearances of impropriety also extend to Thomas’ attendance at a strategy retreat and fundraisers sponsored by the Koch brothers the right-wing political mega donors who have tremendous stake in many Supreme Court cases and have benefited tremendously by the decision in Citizens United v. FEC.

Take action today and call for a DOJ investigation into ethics abuses on the Supreme Court now to hold Justice Thomas accountable.

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