Make the documentary 'Dominion' accessible on Netflix

Make the documentary 'Dominion' accessible on Netflix

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Matt Stellino started this petition to Ted Sarandos

Dear Ted,

As Chief content officer for Netflix I feel as though I would be remiss not to bring to your attention a new piece of content that would serve Netflix & it's viewers well.

The Documentary 'Dominion' is a MASTERPIECE & should be included on Netflix as soon as it is released worldwidewide on April 29th 2018.

I believe it will rank highly on Netflix & will share a similar level of success to that which was enjoyed by 'Cowspiracy' & 'What The Health'.

'Dominion' has a broad scope as a comprehensive account of the numerous ways animals are used and abused in AUSTRALIA (& other western countries)... By exploring six primary facets of our interaction with animals - Companion Animals, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food - the film questions the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.

Drawing heavily from the Aussie Farms Repository so as to contain the most recent, highest-quality footage from across the country, Dominion makes use of emerging technologies, such as aerial drones, to capture new perspectives and examine the wider context of animal exploitation upon our landscape and within our society.

Written & Directed by Chris Delforce after the success of his first exposé 'Lucent', Dominion is set to be a real game changer & it would be fantastic to have Netflix to thank as part of the success story.

Warm Regards, 
Matt Stellino - Netflix customer.

35,827 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!