Make Thai student activist Pai an Honorary Student of the University of Dundee!

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Jatupat ‘Pai’ Boonpattararaksa is a Thai human rights defender and a core leader of ‘Dao Din’ - a group of student activists which advocates for academic freedom, community rights and democracy in Thailand. After sharing a BBC article on Facebook which was critical of the new King, he was arrested by the newly installed military regime and charged with the act of insulting and disrespecting the monarch. His sentence will end in two and a half years.

To support Pai during his term in prison, our advocacy group would like to do something that has never been done before: make a Thai Human Rights Defender an Honorary Student of the University of Dundee. We believe this will send him a strong message of solidarity. It will also show that his fight for freedom was not in vain and that news of the oppression imposed by the Thai regime, will be dispersed.

We believe the University should support Pai because he embodies the freedoms that all universities depend on namely: the freedom of speech, the freedom to share ideas, the freedom to contest and the freedom to protest.

If you agree with this demand, make the University of Dundee lead the way and set the example for other academic institutions across Scotland and across the UK!

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