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To make in depth study of trauma and dissociation a curriculum requirement for students seeking Masters degrees in psychology

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I started this petition to ask all deans of American colleges that offer Master's degrees in psychology to make the in depth study of trauma and dissociation a required part of the curriculum. Professionals in the field of psychology still traditionally view dissociation as a rare phenomenon, and statistics reporting the number of people who experience ongoing trauma during childhood do not support this view. Hundreds of thousands of patients who struggle with dissociation and dissociative symptoms cannot find adequate treatment because professionals are not required to be educated or trained in how to recognize the symptoms nor help alleviate them. This means that many people who meet criteria for dissociative disorders are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, and fail to receive appropriate treatment. This needs to change. Those seeking Master's degrees in psychology need to be required to study trauma and dissociation and become familiarized with the symptoms, treatment options, and challenges faced by those who struggle with dissociative symptoms. This will provide more resources for those who need help, decrease the number of dollars spent on misdiagnosed illnesses, and increase the mental health and wellbeing of the American population as a whole. Please sign this petition to show your support for changing requirements for those seeking Master's degrees in the field of psychology.

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