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Make South Korean government allow Google Maps to fully operate in Korea for people.

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Make South Korean government allow Google Maps to fully operate in Korea for people.

Let's make the ministry of land south korea, The Korea Communications Standards Commission, Ministry of Tourism South Korea stop putting undemocratic internet regulations on Google maps to operate in South Korea by signing this petition. 

By allowing Google Maps to fully operate in South korea, which is the most popular global map platform, people(Koreans, foreigners) both will be able to write reviews in one platform, contribute to map, venue data, boost economical activities by being able to go places with minimal effort. 

The regulation South Korean government is putting on foreign Internet companies like Google does more harm than good.

We are living in global capitalist economy where people have freedom to choose better services, products.

I'm sure South Korean government and Google can find a balancing point in their goals.

In summary, let's ask The Korea Communications Standards Commission, the Ministry of Land South Korea, the Ministry of Tourism South Korea

to change internet laws preventing internet democracy, fair competition so that Google Maps, Google Inc, Google can receive South Korean map data (businesses, public transit, car navigation) and update their application so people can start rely on the best quality map application. 

There are references below.

Also ...

South Korea only have usable map applications that's written in Korean(You can't use it using english). And there are many travelers, foreign residents have hard time getting around, finding public transit, using car navigation in South Korea.

This is waste of time for map contributors(reviewers, map makers), since their contribution is limited to only one platform that is not using universal language(English). Users have to review the same venue several times in order for everyone to see that.

In global market competition, Google Maps currently may have the leading technology(performance wise, content wise). You can use google maps in majority of countries when you travel. South Korean Google maps is not currently up to date compared to Daum Map or Naver Map. 

If we want to see more reviews about new restaurants, shops written by everyone regardless of nationalities, we need to start using one major map platform to unify all contents, data written in universal language(English- For world wide users) and Korean at the same time(For Korean only users).  

Google maps provides easy open source contribution system in Google Maps to make it better(Users can update address, contact, business hours, after verified by the owner of the business). This improves the quality of the map application constantly.

"I've always thought it's because Google wasn't interested in developing the app in this geography, and instead used a local application - Naver Maps, which is only available in Korean. Turns out the problem with Google Maps isn't a technical one, but rather legal:
South Korean security restrictions that were put in place after the Korean War limit Google’s maps, the company says. The export of map data is barred, ostensibly to prevent it from falling into the hands of South Korea’s foe to the north, across the world’s most heavily fortified border. Google and other foreign Internet companies say the rule also prevents them from providing online mapping services, like navigation, that travelers have come to rely on in much of the rest of the world.

The laws and regulations of Korean internet seem to be changing, and I hope Google succeeds in this protectionist economy. Read about this issue and other weird regulations of Korean internet in the full article here: Google Jousts With Wired South Korea Over Quirky Internet Rules."

"Foreign Internet companies say the country’s rules prevent them from competing against domestic rivals because they cannot provide the same services they do elsewhere. South Korea is one of the few major markets where Google is not the leading search engine. A South Korean rival, Naver, has the most users."

"Google says the policy change announced by the Ministry of Land does not go far enough. That is because the scale of the new official, English-language map is limited to 1:25,000, which Google says is insufficient to provide details that its Maps users take for granted elsewhere."

"Google maintains that the rules are unfair because domestic Internet companies like Naver are able to provide online navigation and other mapping services, even to users outside the country. That is because Naver’s servers are housed in South Korea. For many foreign visitors, though, Naver’s maps are of limited use: they are only in Korean.

“We just think any services should be carried out within the framework of the law,” Naver said. “The same laws should apply to all providers of Web map services, domestic or foreign.”



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