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What's wrong with the health care reform plans supported by President Obama and Democratic leaders?  The only winners under these plans are the insurance companies, HMOs, and drug manufacturers.  Democrats want Americans to spend billions of dollars extra every year for health care, rather than just eliminate the bureaucracy, paperwork, waste, and high CEO salaries of for-profit insurance.  The Democrats' proposed 'mandate' would mean massive taxpayer subsidies for the insurance industry.  The 'public option' won't reduce health care costs, and would only cover 10 million people out of the 50 million without insurance.  President Obama and the Democrats have already caved in to drug industry pressure on re-importing Canadian drugs, on negotiating for lower drug prices, and on generics.

WE DEMAND universal health care under the SINGLE-PAYER NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN (HR 676)!

WE DEMAND that single-payer be placed on the table in the health care reform debate.  (Senator Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, says that single-payer is "off the table.")

WE DEMAND that Democrats, Republicans, and the media stop telling lies about single-payer universal health care.  (Single-payer is NOT "socialized medicine"!)

WE DEMAND a televised national debate between advocates and opponents of single-payer, so Americans can hear the truth about universal health care.

WE DEMAND new studies by the GAO and Congressional Budget Office on the cost of single-payer.  In the 1990s, analyses by these offices showed that single-payer would save billions of dollars in health care expenses.

For more information on Single-Payer go to the Physicians for a National Health Program website.


How can you help? Send a letter to the editor of your newspaper.  Below is a sample for you to use as a guideline.  Remember - it is best to keep letters as brief as possible.

Dear Editor:

What do the Democrats holding town hall meetings and the mobs trying to disrupt the meetings have in common?  No matter which side wins, millions of Americans will still go without coverage, hundreds of thousands will go into financial ruin over health care costs, and insurance CEOs will laugh their way to the bank.  Don't be fooled by the Obamacare plan for 'mandates' and promises of a 'public option', which mean continued skyrocketing health care costs and huge taxpayer-funded subsidies to insurance companies.

The only real solution to the health care crisis is the single-payer plan, which covers every American regardless of income, age, or prior medical condition.  Under single-payer, physicians and patients make decisions about medical care, not government or corporate bureaucracies, and everyone can choose his or her own health care provider.  As GAO and Congressional Budget Office studies have shown in the past, single-payer will save billions in health care spending, because it eliminates the administrative costs, waste, and high CEO salaries of for-profit health insurance.

Single-payer could be Congress's gift to working people and businesses alike.  Single-payer will boost the economy by relieving businesses large and small of the costly burden of providing health benefits.

Whether the Obama/Dem plan passes or Republicans get their way and no health care reform is passed, health insurance companies will win and the American people will lose.  The health of the American people is more important than corporate profits.  Let's make health care a right for everyone and pass HR 676, the single-payer bill.

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