Make School Uniforms Optional! Not Mandatory! Give parents and students the option!

Make School Uniforms Optional! Not Mandatory! Give parents and students the option!

March 6, 2022
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Belleville Board of Education
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robert Swander

Please sign this petition to support making School uniforms optional. They should not be Mandatory. 

Some Reasons we believe it should be Optional and Not Mandatory:

1. Individuality and Self-expression
One of the main arguments against wearing school uniforms is that students will lose their identity, individualism, and self-expression if they are made to wear the same clothes as everyone else.
If this happens, then everyone will end up looking the same. It would seem bland and drab. People express themselves through their choice of clothing.
What’s wrong with studying without having to wear school uniforms?

Allow people to learn while still being able to express themselves via the clothes they choose to wear. Let their individuality and personality shine through with the way they dress and act.
They come up with their own style which have their own personal touch based on their taste and preferences. Some like to wear pants while others might prefer skirts and so on and so forth.
It is through clothing that people are able to show who they are while also being able to showcase and display their creativity and how they are their own unique person.

2. Price
Many also argue that buying uniforms is an added expense especially to families that can’t afford them. There are families who would much rather that their kids be able to go to school wearing clothes that they already own.
Some would prefer to just give their children hand-me-downs or second-hand clothing especially if they have older kids. But they can’t do that if students have to wear school uniforms.

These school uniforms look really nice, but also expensive
School uniforms are added expenses that are completely unnecessary and useless. Why? It’s because children already have clothes to wear. Why can’t they wear these outfits (as long as said outfits are appropriate) to school? Some families simply do not have the budget to spare for dresses that will only be used for school.
Furthermore, there’s the fact that children only wear school uniforms when they’re in school. As such, you would still need to spend money purchasing clothes to wear for other occasions and places.
Besides, having to wear this kind of outfit wouldn’t stop kids from asking their parents to buy them designer branded clothing for the weekends and non-school days. All of this would just add to all the other expenses that the family has to shoulder.

3. Academic Performance
There are some people who argue that those who wear school uniforms would perform better in school because, considering what they’re wearing, they will be of the mindset that it is time to study and learn and not play around.
However, it can be counter-argued that school uniforms are nothing but pieces of clothing and how could this make one perform better in school? What difference does it make if you wear a certain type of clothing or not?
To study or not to study, that is the question

Do you think wearing a uniform will help to improve a student’s performance in school? The choice on whether to study or not does not lie with a person’s clothes but within themselves. If they want to learn, they will, right?
In the end, it’s up to students if they will decide to study and pay attention to their lessons regardless of what kind of outfit they’re wearing.
Furthermore, it can even be argued that kids who feel comfortable and who actually like the clothes that they’re wearing would be able to focus more on their studies because they won’t be busy trying to make their school uniform more comfortable for them.
4. Equality
Those who agree that children should wear school uniforms reason that this kind of outfit actually helps to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.
If everyone wears the same thing, there would be no teasing or making fun of those that can’t afford expensive designer brand clothing or those that are said to have no fashion sense.
However, who’s to say that wearing school uniforms really solves that problem? Those who can’t afford to buy new uniforms would just buy second-hand ones.
If they have other children that have already graduated from the school, their outfits would be passed down to their siblings. There are also those who would have school uniforms made using cheaper cloth to lessen the expenses.

Not all school uniforms are created equal
In short, there will still be a rift between the rich and the poor because students will be able to tell if someone’s uniform is old or brand new by how faded said outfit looks like.
Do you think making students wear uniforms will really help bridge the gap between the rich and poor children in school? Wouldn’t it be more likely that nothing at all would change?
Those who don’t have the budget will choose to buy cheaper uniforms while some may even resort to wearing hand-me-downs from older siblings that have already graduated, so their outfits will look old.
Besides, who’s stopping kids from wearing fancy watches and other such expensive accessories to show off to their peers? The point is there are still ways to show the gap between the rich and poor even if everyone is made to wear school uniforms.
5. Rebellious Nature
Many, if not all, children don’t like rules or being told what to do and they tend to rebel against doing things they don’t want to do. Students might feel stifled at having to wear school uniforms and they might try to rebel against this in any way that they can.
Some might try to lengthen or shorten their outfits and do other alterations to it. Some might opt to wear outrageous accessories and jewelries in order to differentiate themselves from all the others who wear the same clothes as they do.

6. Bullying and Teasing
There are those who argue that wearing school uniforms can prevent the bullying and teasing of children. But is that really true? Those who like to bully others will find their own reasons to engage in the act of bullying.
A bully is a bully is a bully

Do you think wearing the same clothes will really stop students from bullying their peers?
Will these bullies really stop just because everyone is wearing the same thing? Kids can be bullied for many other reasons such as their color, race, gender, and even what they look like and how they act.

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Signatures: 699Next Goal: 1,000
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