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Make School Lunches Healthy For All Students

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All students whether they are vegetarian or not deserve a healthy school lunch.Every student should be provided with a healthy lunch at school. Veggie burgers can benefit all students not just vegetarians and provide a healthy alternative to the normal lunchroom food.

This petition is about student rights and school support for students who don't eat meat or that want healthier choices. I'm not asking you to go vegetarian but I think we can all agree that students should have the right to have healthy options that they can eat in the lunchroom.
Some of the world's largest food-service providers (which supply schools, hospitals, and businesses) already offer lots of vegan options, so it can be as simple as schools asking their providers to switch to a different item. Two of these providers are Sysco and ARAMARK both names that our school's dining-services department probably recognizes. 
Veggie products are more mainstream than ever, and it would be easy for any school to order them.Signing this petition will show the Local Public School Administration that we are concerned about the choices that are given during lunch time at school. With this concern we are asking to bring healthy choices to our schools, specifically Veggie Burgers.

We are asking schools to add more healthy choices of real nutirent dense foods.


East Allen allready offers fruit and veggie choices but the fruit is typically in sugary syrup and the veggies are canned load with sodium. Veggie burgers need to be available so students know that they are there. 


If we don't take responsibly for making the right choices for foods for our children they will typically choose junk foods over healthy foods due to the acceptance of such eating habits.

If we cut out the unhealthy food choices such as processed meats,sides,sugary fruit and canned veggies there would be quite enough funds to support a healthy school lunch upgrade.


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