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Make private use of fireworks illegal to prevent distress and injury to animals

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Upon searching both the words 'horses' and 'fireworks' in google, you will immediately find many articles on how to keep a frightened and panicking horse calm when there are fireworks going off in the vicinity. Horse owners all around know the problems that come with fireworks every year, and November the 5th is a night that many face with dread.

Tonight, my friend (who was with my mum at the time), came through to the lounge, clearly agitated and worried. She quickly informed me that she could see my mum's horse running around the field, and I hurried out to sort the mare. I found my horse also cantering around the field in worry, and quickly fetched two ponies that we also own in our back field. All four of our horses were panic stricken, cantering round in fear. This started at 5PM. It has been on and off since then (it is half past 8 as I am writing this) and will likely continue to at least 11 or 12 O Clock at night. It has also terrified my cat and one of our dogs. Despite the fact that many of our neighbours are aware we have horses, no one informed us of their plans to set off fireworks; not even a note through the door or even a text.

My problems tonight will hopefully become no worse than having some slightly exhausted but traumatized horses tomorrow, but for some that is not the case. For instance, this 12 year old horse had to be put down, due to throwing himself through a fence, and deeply cutting his legs. Unfortunately, this is not the only occasion where this has happened.

I propose a ban on private fire work displays, making it illegal to purchase without an implemented licence. This license would allow people not only to buy fireworks, but also to set them off. An organisation would apply for one through the council, and only the more public ones, such as sports clubs, parish councils and schools, would be allowed one. Failing this, I suggest that households within 200m (which could be changed as appropriate) are notified at least 3 days before the fireworks are to be set off, so necessary preparations can be put in place, as some owners may feel they need to sedate their horses to be safe. 

Please vote. I feel that it is neither safe nor fair to keep scaring so many animals, not just horses. Please support this by both signing the petition and spreading this to as many people as possible. 

EDIT: on the 19th November, I have also had problems regarding fireworks - for all those people saying its one night and we should prepare for that, it is NOT just one night. As before, no one told us it was going to happen, and my horse was very spooked by it again.

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