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Make Pole Dancing An Olympic Sport 2016 - 2020!

Pole dancing should be made an Olympic Sport because it meets the fine Olympic criteria for athletics and athletic competition. It takes Agility, Acrobatics, Aerobics, Balance, Choreography, Determination, Dance, Energy, Engagement, Flexibility, Focus, Floor Work, Foot Work, Gymnastics, Grace. Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit, Poise, Physical Fitness, Rhythm, Upper And Lower Body Strength, Core Strength, Hand Strength, Stamina, Style, Yoga,

Showmanship, And So Much More. The Time is here for 2016 - 2020. The Time Is Now And The Time Is Ours! In all fairness please show the same respect for the complex sport of Pole Dance, Pole Fitness and Pole Dancers as we do for all other forms of human physical sporting endeavors.

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Dalton Anthony Luciano

"Back in the fall, the Pole Fitness Association was circulating petitions to get pole dancing in the 2012 Olympic Games. Now, it seems the International Pole Sports Federation is seeking to do the same for the 2016 Olympics.

Initially, when one thinks of pole dancing it may conjure up images of dancers in strip clubs, but pole dancing has been gaining popularity in the form of a physically demanding fitness trend. Offered in group or private classes at both specialized fitness studios and mainstream gyms, pole dancing (or pole fitness as it's often called) is a total-body workout that includes strength training, fat burning and flexibility training. Pole dancers lift and support their entire body weight—showing a tremendous amount of athleticism.

After checking out a few videos such as the one below, I have to say, pole dancing reminds me of artistic gymnastics. Both require an incredible amount of core and upper-body strength, both may involve equipment such as rings, a balance beam, bar, or pole, and both offer a degree of showmanship." Melissa Greer

US Pole Dance Federation

The Federation is clearly pole dancing’s class act. 

Dalton Anthony Luciano

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