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The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was issued last month (October 2018) with alarming forecasts. It was mentioned in the report that the planet will reach the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius by as early as 2030, precipitating the risk of food shortages for hundreds of millions of people, extreme drought, wildfires, and floods. Unfortunately, the IPCC report was quickly buried by the constant cycle of breaking news.

We’ve come to the point where environmental protection is the responsibility of all of us – individuals, corporations, organizations, and government entities. But how to get everyone on board has been the critical question!

Although there are wide ranges of green certifications, they have failed to get individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities to work together to effectively combat current environmental issues such as climate change.

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation believes that the increase in consumer demand for environmentally-friendly and energy efficient products and services  will effectively combat current environmental issues such as climate change by encouraging companies to offer environmentally-friendly products and services. In addition, evaluating the environmental protection activities of individuals, such as recycling, purchasing, driving, renewable energy use, and other activities, will make environmental protection a habit.

What is an environmental credit score?

This score represents the environmental footprint of an individual, business, or other entity. A higher environmental credit score indicates better environmental credit worthiness.

How the environmental credit score will be calculated?

Please watch the following video that breifly explains how the environmental credit score will be caculated and how the use of electric vehicles in "Ridesharing" Will affect the Environmental Credit Score of Riders

What is the Environmental Credit Score Foundation?

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Lewes, Delaware, U.S., its main mission is to establish an environmental credit scoring system. This is a patent-pending system that assigns a numerical score to indicate a company or individual's “environmental creditworthiness” based on their environmental activities.

 What is the vision of the Environmental Credit Score Foundation?

We envision an internationally recognized and accepted environmental credit score that can reflect the environmental footprint of any individual, business, organization or entity. This score can be used like the community service requirement by universities in making admission, scholarship and award decisions. It could also become a factor in hiring decisions, landlord-tenant decisions, and institutional priorities, just to name a few examples.

What will be the effect of the institutionalized use of environmental credit scores?

Businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies will see the far-reaching implications and will join our organizations's system as partners and support its development and implementation. To improve their environmental credit scores, consumers will begin to use more environmentally friendly products/services, to use energy efficient products and services and to participate in other environmental protection activities. Consumers will have a direct impact on the business plans of companies who, because of these consumers’ preferences, will offer only environmentally sensitive products and services. These businesses will also look to improve their scores by offering more environmentally sensitive products and services, all of which will contribute to the health of the environment.

Here is the bottom line: This activity will create a cycle whereby individuals, businesses, and other entities will work together to protect the environment while also serving their self-interests.

I’m on board! How can I help?

When you register with our system, you will receive a unique user ID. This ID can then be provided to our partners when you participate in environmental protection activities. Your environmental protection activity details will be deposited into our system through the partner's business account. When a company registers with our organization as a partner, the company’s information will be publicly accessible to users who would like to improve their environmental credit scores. Resulting from these actions, an updated environmental credit score will be calculated, which can benefit both the individuals and the business.

How did this all come about?

A man was quenching his thirst by drinking from a plastic bottle of water. When he passed a garbage container, he noticed several empty water bottles littered on the grass beside the container. Without thinking, he simply picked them up, and along with his empty bottle, tossed them into the container.

Meanwhile, three other men stood on the other side of the building watching the first man. When one of those men finished drinking his water, he simply tossed the empty bottle directly at the first man’s feet.

The first man angrily replied to the man who had just tossed his empty bottle at him, “Man, you were watching me collect the empty bottles. Why did you throw your empty bottle in front of me rather than into the garbage container?”

The second man responded belligerently, “It’s not your business, man.” Then he turned and walked away.

This confrontation caused the first man, who is our founder, to think to himself, “There has to be a way to make environmental protection everybody’s business!”

So our founder filed a patent application related to “methods and systems for environmental credit scoring.” and then incorporated the Environmental Credit Score Foundation as a nonprofit organization in Lewes, Delaware.

We are confident that this project will inspire a global movement toward a time when we will be working together across all boundaries to save our planet.

Why green business owners should support this project?

The project aims at protecting the environment by increasing the demand for environmentally friendly products and services That's why it will significantly help green business owners to market their environmentally friendly products and tremendously increase the number of customers.

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