Make NZ Streets Safe for Cycling - save lives

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Sign to tell local authorities that the deaths of New Zealanders on bicycles must stop and you want streets that are safe to cycle.
2017 was a terrible year for bicycle deaths. 18 people on bikes were killed on our roads. Right now our streets are congested and it’s hard to get around. 70% of households with children have bicycles and many people say they would like to cycle.  But only 2% of adults cycle for commuting and just 2% of school children bike to school, because there are very few safe cycle routes on our streets and congestion is at record levels. It’s up to councils and the Government to fix our streets to help people bike safely. 
People biking helps build safer, healthier, more liveable cities, that are easier and cheaper to get around
We need tens of thousands of people like you to urgently let our local authorities know it's time for them to fix our streets and deliver bike-and-walk friendly cities for young and old – for everyone's sake.
This petition asks the Government and all councils to act urgently to:
1. Build more safe bike infrastructure in our cities and towns.
2. Educate drivers about sharing the roads we all travel on.
3. Slow traffic on urban and rural streets – because 'liveable' cities and towns should be survivable, too!
In hundreds of towns and cities around the world, from New York to Copenhagen or Christchurch, wherever good cycle lanes are installed, more and more people ride – easing congestion, enhancing public transport, enjoying reliable travel times, and creating healthier communities.
Let's get NZ back to being a healthy, active nation, a place where riding a bike is safe and attractive and convenient for all ages, to the benefit of everyone!