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  Marijuana is no longer just a way for teens and hippies to catch a buzz. It's 'dangers' have been disproven, and its actual benefits have been shown time and time again in not only clinical trials, but in its use all over our country already.  It can help combat suffering, it generates revenue for the state, it takes a great chunk of gang related crime off the streets, and it grows in the ground15 other states have already jumped on the opportunity to end the pointless prohibition of pot, and Missouri can be the next state to show its competence.

   The establishment of a medical marijuana system in California has brought over 10 billion dollars into the state's revenue. And an increase in profit has been true for every state that allows the growth of a nationally growing industry.  This money would not only help improve the worsening conditions of cities in the Kansas City metro, but statewide could do that, help fund more educational programs in our cities' schools, or repair the crumbling Missouri highways.  These are all just broad ideas.

Young people have been the driving force behind this movement all across the nation, but all ages benefit from turning this crop into cash.

Letter to
State Senator Paul LeVota
State Senator Jolie Justus
State Senator Will Kraus
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State Senator S. Kiki Curls
Governor Jeremiah Nixon
Missouri State House
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Missouri Governor
I am a young resident of Lees Summit, Missouri, and I recently watched my father suffer as he died from lung cancer. This normally would be irrelevant to any request and may seem to be just a reach for sympathy, but because I saw how he struggled to hold down food and often failed to sleep due to pain and anxiety, and how prescription pills made him have hallucinations and night terrors on a regular basis, I feel you must consider it relevant. He suffered because of a dated law on a substance which has had a new light of research shined upon it, and I would like to ask for all of your cooperation in allowing the use of medicinal marijuana statewide.
When I was younger and for generations before me, the fear of marijuana's dangerous effects would have made this impossible, but with new research into this incredible plant, these dangers have not only been debunked, but have been replaced by statistics and results showing the true benefits of marijuana use.
States in the west have already shown how a program of this sort can not only help millions of people get natural relief from all sorts of ailments, but also generate billions of dollars of revenue as a cash crop. Although many people still have not realized how minor the risks of marijuana are compared to its potential benefits, the American College of Physicians has urged the substance's reclassification from a schedule I controlled substance into a more appropriate schedule, citing the plant's safety and effectiveness in clinical conditions. There are too many things to mention in this short letter, but there are many websites full of information on this issue, including this one:
This issue should be brought to a vote, so that the citizens can show that they agree about this revolution in medicine, and so that those out there still suffering can gain some relief through this age-old remedy.