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Make McDonald's apologize for the anti-pit bull ad and donate to pitbull rescue organiations

McDonald's new radio commercial states that it is "Less risky to eat their chicken bites than to pat a pitbull". That  advertisement puts a negative light on pitt bulls and other bulldogs.  Pitt bulls are not bad, bad owners are bad. McDonald's needs to be sent a message that we as animal owners will not accept this. Please sign this petition so that we can get McDonalds to  make a very large public apology on the internet, television and in the papers. Also, fire the person responsible for this advertisement. We also want McDonald's to make a VERY LARGE donation to Pitbull rescues. We want McDonald's to promote pitbulls in a positive public light  and provide funding for positive, public education about pitbulls and the bulldog breed. Sign this petition and call them at  1-800-244-6227 to tell them this is unacceptable and we as consumers will not tollerate this!

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