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Make Matson Clean the Molasses Mess in Hawaii

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Tell Matson and the Hawaii State Dept. of Health that their plan to rely on "nature" to resolve a man-made (or Matson-made) problem is unacceptable. Any plan must include an incentive to restore the wildlife to its pre-spill state and reimburse the people of Hawaii for damages.

Hawaii is known for its colorful and thriving ocean, but 5 miles away from the popular tourist destination Waikiki now looks like THIS. People have been advised not to swim or consume fish in the area. Matson's faulty pipe spilled 1400 tons of molasses into Honolulu Harbor on 9/9/13 suffocating all sea life. After only 24 hours, no signs of life were found 3 miles from the site and over 2000 dead fish were collected from the surface. Unlike oil, molasses sinks to the bottom of the ocean and soaks up the oxygen fish need to breathe.

Matson's carelessness violated the Clean Water Act (something BP was fined close to $40 billion for doing), while Matson could be charged up to only $25,000/day. No official has given any indication that Matson will be fined at all.

After more damage than oil spills and even dumping sewage, the Hawaii Dept. of Health (Please call 808-586-4304) says they'll "let nature take care of it," because Matson "doesn't have a plan for molasses spills" This is just another example of Matson taking advantage of their monopoly in Hawaii. Even if ocean currents take the molasses out of the bay, their current "plan" is to hope the molasses will spread to other parts of the ocean with no proof that won't add to the destruction.

Matson destroyed one of our most cherished natural resources, they profit off of shipping food and other goods into our state. Without our beaches, tourism and our main sources of income will be depleted. By destroying the base of our natural food chain, we become more dependent on imports and Matson for ALL of our basic needs. This will give Matson the power to raise cost of living and even starve our people whenever they want, and our Department of Health is too cowardly to confront them.

An apology is not enough, we have to stand up to Matson or tell all big businesses they can destroy our paradise for a price. It appears the State is counting on Hawaii citizens to overlook this. Please prove them wrong.

Make Matson clean up their mess and RESTORE the wildlife they destroyed!

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