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Make Los Angeles a Leader in Sustainable Seafood!

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This petition is to be signed by people around the world, not only those in Los Angeles! With Los Angeles taking this step, it will spawn a movement towards sustainable fishing around the world!

Oceans are essential to life on Earth. They also support the livelihoods of one tenth of the people on the planet. Sustainable fishing helps to protect our oceans for the future. It is no secret that human needs are depleting the planet's resources quicker than they can be reproduced. A paradigm shift needs to occur if we want to see a thriving, sustainable world, and that change begins with educating consumers. 

The life in our oceans is being depleted at alarming rates for the growing demands of seafood consumption. We are no longer in a world where we can thoughtlessly consume all of the seafood that we wish. This is a problem that is grave for the livelihoods of fishermen, the markets, the health of the planet, and the existence of humanity. The problem is not "on the horizon", it is facing us now, and the positive change can begin with what you choose to put on your plate.

This petition is to be presented to the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Garcetti to mandate all restaurants within the city limits, with seafood on their menu, to become certified with the Marine Stewardship Council or other notable certification program, and properly label the sustainability score of their seafood. Although the change is needed world-wide, it can be lead by Los Angeles taking this powerful step towards a sustainable world and it will send out an inspiring message to consumers and the markets everywhere. 

As citizens, we are actively looking for ways to have positive impact on our world. By labeling the sustainability of each seafood item on menus, we will bring attention to consumers on the state of our oceans, so they will be able to make choices that will create this positive change. Restaurant owners, chefs, consumers, and the city of Los Angeles, will be able to take pride in being the heroes in the fight for a sustainable world. 

By signing this petition, you can also be a hero in that fight. 

"The marine environment is facing challenges that, if not addressed immediately and effectively, will have profound implications for sustainable development." - Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General, World Environment Day, June 2004

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