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Make it possible: End factory farming in Australia

Here are some facts:

Factory farming is the #1 cause of animal cruelty today. You can help end it.
It's legal to cut bits and pieces off conscious animals in factory farms... without pain relief.
A battery hen's world is the size of an A4 piece of paper. Help free hens from factory farms!
Chickens naturally live up to 12yrs. Chickens bred for meat live only 6wks. End factory farming!
For every cage egg on a supermarket shelf a hen endured 30hrs of misery. End factory farming!
The EU has banned battery cages. Aus has not. But we don't need to wait for govt to end this cruelty!
It's legal in most of Aus to cage a mother pig so she can't turn around, for MONTHS. We can end this!
Factory farming contributes to pollution, deforestation & climate change. End factory farming!
Factory farms generate the waste of a small city, with the pollution threatening people, fish & earth
Factory farms are food factories in reverse. They use more food than they produce. End the waste.

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