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MAKE IT A FEDERAL CRIME TO KILL A CHILD.  Our most precious resources must be protected.  They are vulnerable and innocent.  Babies and children and being killed in hundreds per year.  This is not acceptable in this great country of ours.  Stronger laws are greatly needed to punish these people that prey on our children. Whether a stranger or a family member, these individuals must be held accountable.  

Some states are not doing their jobs well.  There is great disparity in sentencing or even convictions.  Some individuals are pleaded out and serve little to no sentencing time.  This injustice cannot continue.  

All of you, President Trump, House Representative Goodlatte, and all house members have children and grandchildren.  Put yourselves in the position of having a child sexually assaulted, gravely injured and there is no justice.  Only then, could you possibly imagine the pain you would feel.  

Us, child advocates like myself, want the government to pay attention to these hushed crimes.  Children cannot advocate for themselves, and dead children cannot cry out for help.

Please help.  Please listen to our pleas.

Thank you!