Make Huntsville, Alabama, a No Kill Community

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Make Huntsville, Alabama, a No Kill Community

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No Kill Huntsville started this petition to Mayor Tommy Battle and Chairman Dale Strong

Huntsville, Alabama, can become the first No Kill Community in the state by using the proven programs of the No Kill Equation to save the lives of more than 90% of shelter animals. Please support this petition to encourage the Mayor of the City of Huntsville and the Chairman of the Madison County Commission to embrace the No Kill programs being used across the country and to make ours a No Kill Community.

Who can participate: This petition is open to people who are affected by the manner in which the City of Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama, function: those who live here, work here, do business here, have family members here or who just live in the Tennessee Valley region and are interested in seeing Huntsville lead the way and truly be the “Star of Alabama.” Although we genuinely appreciate all support  for our cause, only those petition signatures from our region will be presented to Mayor Battle and Chairman Strong.

The nationwide problem: Almost four million animals are destroyed in animal shelters each year using tax dollars and donations. Most people believe animals are destroyed either because they are suffering or because we simply have too many of them. The reality is that the vast majority of animals which are destroyed are healthy and treatable and are just homeless or lost. And while it may seem as though we simply don't have enough homes for animals, we really do have enough homes for all of them.

Our local problem: Huntsville, like other places, has struggled with how best to help homeless animals while striking a balance between animal welfare, public safety and fiscal responsibility. Great progress has been made in the last ten years to improve the conditions inside the municipal shelter and some progress has been made to increase the number of animals who are adopted or reclaimed. In spite of those improvements, almost 50% of the dogs who entered the shelter last year were destroyed and almost 75% of the cats are destroyed. The vast majority of these animals were healthy or treatable.

The proven solution: The good news is that Huntsville can lead the way for our state in becoming a No Kill Community using the No Kill Equation: a philosophy which has been proven to work across the country to save more than 90% of shelter animals. There are currently more than 150 No Kill Communities across the country representing some 400 cities. These communities are both urban and rural; they are wealthy and poor; they are liberal and conservative. The one thing all of these communities have in common is a desire to save the lives of homeless animals while saving money in the process. Many of the programs identified as key components of saving lives are more cost-effective than impounding, warehousing, and then killing animals as saving the lives of animals is revenue-positive in the community.

What do these communities have that we don't have? Nothing. We are proud. We are progressive. We are smart and we’re creative. We support the space program and provide cutting edge technology to our troops. Let there be no doubt we can learn from other regions and find ways to save the lives of the companion animals we love and value.

How you can help: Help Huntsville become the first No Kill Community in Alabama. Tell Mayor Tommy Battle and Chairman Dale Strong that you want Huntsville to become a No Kill Community because we are capable of balancing animal welfare with public safety and fiscal responsibility.

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For more information about what “No Kill Means” and to learn what you can do to help, visit No Kill Huntsville:

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Sponsorship: This petition is sponsored by No Kill Huntsville which is a coalition of local animal welfare advocates and rescuers. The following nonprofit organizations are affiliated with No Kill Huntsville:

A New Leash on Life, Inc.

Challenger's House, Inc.

Dixie Dachshund Rescue, Inc.

Forgotten Felines, Inc.

North Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic, Inc.

The Ark, Inc.

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