Make Hizzie Endgame

Make Hizzie Endgame

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Started by Sabrina F

For years we have watched Hope and Lizzie develop their relationship from scratch. They have been rivals, friends, strangers, bestfriends, family, enemies—they have given us a bond that has faced soo many challenges and yet came out on top every single time. 

Hope, caring about Lizzie despite her fear of abandonment knowing that if something ever happened to Lizzie (and the others) she’d be left alone for god knows how long with her immortality. Her aunts would be gone, any potential cousins from Freya or Rebekah would be gone, Josie would be gone, Alaric would be gone. There would hardly be anyone left for her yet Hope still allowed herself to care for Lizzie more than herself.

She’s saved Lizzies life countless of times and each time they became closer and closer despite Hopes fear of losing someone she loved. Lizzie now being a heretic (and Hope being a full tribrid) means that they have the chance to spend the rest of eternity together happy. They have the romantic chemistry, the storyline, the angst, the hopes (pun intended) and dreams to be able to secure their HAPPY endgame.

And to the writers slightly smirking at the fact I emphasized “happy”, kindly turn that smile upside down because I REFUSE to have you guys have them end up like Nora and Mary Louise. 

Anyways, making Hizzie endgame will fulfill a lot of hearts and don’t be scared of the other shippers who don’t ship Hizzie. They can’t really do much about it anyways. 

But if you do decide to give us a darker ending, might I suggest having Dark Hizzie end the entire supernatural world and then walking off into the sunset together with Pedro?

Okay that’s all, thank you for listening. If you don’t give me my endgame I will and I mean I WILL make 15 more petitions and have all of my followers, friends, and family just keep replying to any of your socials with the links to every single one of them. Thank you for time! I’ll be seeing you again soon <3

1,503 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!