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Make history " Honor the Treaties "

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When President Obama met with Native American Indian tribes in Washington D.C. , it was indeed a historic event. On November 5th 2009 , the President took questions from the audience. Of the seven Tribal leaders fortunate enough to address the President , three of them mentioned the treaties. The significance of the treaties is that within the treaties is the hidden history of the United States. A history of genocide and land grabbing that ended with the treaties.

Article 6 pf the U.S Constitution refers to a treaty as the Supreme law of the land. A treaty must be ratified by the Senate and signed by the President. In the minds of the American Indians , treaties are a big deal and it should be a big deal across this land , supposedly governed by the rule of law.

Treaties are the law. The legal definition of a treaty is this: Under International law , an agreement , league , or contract between two or more independent nations or sovereigns.



 When Theresa Two Bulls , President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe spoke to the President , she said in part, “…honor the Treaties. Too , long they have been not honored by the federal government. And , you talk about change - now is the change. Allow us and work with us to exercise our sovereignty , our self determination “.


 On the campaign trail President Obama promised that if he was elected , he would honor the treaties.

This Petition echoes the words of Theresa Two Bulls to President Obama to honor the treaties.

Sign this petition to hold in account the promise made by President Obama to honor our Treaties. 












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