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Make him pay his Full Debt to these Victims

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On Tuesday August 7 the Coos County DA’s Office contact my family to inform us that they were going to make a plea offer to Tracy Lee Kelso of one count per victim and not the nine counts of sexual abuse in the first degree, two counts of sodomy, one count of attempted sexual abuse and one count of possession of child pornography. We told the DA’s office that we did not feel this to be fair my wife was told are input was nothing more then a curtsey and they would be making the deal no matter how we felt.
The biological mother of one other victim was told be the district attorneys office they wouldn’t be sharing details of the case with her and would prefer is she would stay out of the case. I want the community to stand up for these victims to make the Coos County DA’s office answer to why it is willing to tell Tracy Lee Kelso be in the community still where his victims are and why has he not been held in custody after being Charged with these crimes. We as the victim’s families have been kept in the dark for the whole case.
My daughter reported the abuse over 2 years ago to Coos County Mental Health, and no investigation was ever done, I was told by a Deputy for the Coos County Sheriffs Office(Mike Norris) that her report of the abuse was forgotten about and that the Sheriffs department assumed the Children Services Division was doing the investigation and they at CSD assumed that the Coos County Sheriffs office was doing so no one ever took care of anything until a new victim came forward (victims name with held victim number 2) almost 2 years later.
Now there is 3 victims that he can still be charged with and a 4th that the statutes of limitations has ran out on yet they have not arrested him again they let him be free in are community. Now the DA’s Office wants to give him a deal this is not right I call all members of the community to stand up for the Victims not just these victims but all victims and tell the DA’s office the elected officials this is not right this is not fair and we as the people of the community will not stand for it. Give the victims a voice tell the DA’s office it better matter what we the people think of the plea offers and Demand that deal not be made with Predatory Sex Offenders
The contact info for Coos County DA is to contact Paul Frasier, call (541)396-3121, extension 257, or email him at Plz Stand up for your community.....Remember he is a elected official and he is to uphold justice and he works for you the people of Coos County and the State Of Oregon

Joshua Allen Hickman
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Michelle H Murphy
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