Guinness uses isinglass in its production, derived from the swim bladders of fish. The isinglass helps the sediment settle faster, and is not used not for flavour or texture. Some tiny particles of fish will remain in the final drink. This makes it unsuitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as anyone else who doesn't like the idea of fish being used to make their pint.

There are many alternatives to isinglass which do not contain any animal products and are comparably effective. Switching would allow the world's billion-plus vegetarians to enjoy one of the most delicious alcoholic drinks there is - and it wouldn't even affect the taste.

If Guinness were to become openly veggie-friendly it would not only help raise awareness of isinglass, but would also elevate Guinness's brand perception and popularity above other beverages.

The world's vegetarian population is rising and it is increasingly important that brands recognise and adapt to this growing section of the market, especially if they can do so without upsetting meat-eaters or changing their end product.

Sign the petition today to help raise awareness of isinglass and to encourage one of the world's most recognised drinks brands to create a product which veggies can love!

Letter to
Guinness & Co.
Diageo plc Chief Executive Paul Walsh
Master Brewer Fergal Murray
Please make Guinness vegetarian / vegan friendly! I'm a vegetarian, and I have to choose between not drinking Guinness (unfathomable) or feeling like a hypocrite for ignoring the fact that animals are used in its manufacture.

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