Make Female Genital Mutilation Awareness Compulsory in Schools in the U.K.

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Barbaric. Inhumane. A disgrace.  

No matter your race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, we ALL have an obligation to protect children from FGM. Collectively, we need to give girls the right to learn about the full effects of FGM and empower them to say NO. FGM victims continue to suffer the physical and mental pain during their entire lifetimes in order to remain 'clean' for their future husbands. FGM often leads to complications during menstruation, sexual intercourse and childbirth, and is listed as a violation of human rights by the UN. Signing this petition will help urge the government to encourage the awareness of this practice amongst children and teenagers.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a practice that becomes a reality for around 6,000 girls every year in the UK and is commonly inflicted on young vulnerable individuals. FGM is a human rights violation and consequently has multiple implications for girls that leaves them both with physical and mental wounds. These individuals often feel isolated and alone, largely due to the stigma surrounding the practice. In order to combat this taboo, we need to increase awareness of this issue and help teach girls to power to say no to such a horrific malpractice.

I'm a 19 years old student, a passionate feminist and an anti-FGM activist. Despite this, my attempts to increase awareness of this topic have been oppressed due to the taboo surrounding female genitalia. As a gender equality advocate, I believe that such a horrific tradition should not be silenced, much like many FGM victims. Collectively, we need to educate the youth about this horrific tradition to help halt the number of new cases. By making it compulsory for schools to teach what FGM is will help demystify and destigmatize the practice.

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