Make EV-charging spot EV-only in Government-owned car parks in Hong Kong

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Make EV-charging spot EV-only in Government-owned car parks in Hong Kong

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Started by Locky Law

We are a group of Electric Vehicle (EV) owners / drivers of Hong Kong SAR. We rely on public charging facilities because we are currently not permitted to charge our vehicles at home or at work.

The Hong Kong SAR Government has been active in providing public charging facilities within a number of public carparks and for this we are extremely grateful. These provide a valuable and convenient service.

However, there are some real issues and constraints with the referenced charging facilities:

  1. Although charging stalls are marked "Priority Parking Space for Electric Vehicle", Hong Kong law does not specify the legality for the issuance of penalty to non-charging vehicles.
  2. Government car park managements avoid the issuance of penalty to non-charging vehicles and even refuse to do so upon complaint.
  3. Non-EVs are even encouraged and escorted by car park staff to park at EV-charging stalls.

All these facilitate owners / drivers of non-EV to park freely within designated charging facilities, and therefore, for the majority of the time we are unable to utilise the charging facilities which the Government has so kindly installed. It is not uncommon to have all 30 charging stalls in a government-owned public car park occupied by non-charging vehicles (non-EV and EV) in Hong Kong.

Our suggestions are:

  1. a fixed number of available charging stalls must be allocated "exclusively" for EV-charging at all time,
  2. deterrents must be put in place for misuse (parking instead of charging), preferably in the form of fixed penalty parking tickets (HK$320) and enforced with wheel clamps which matches the penalty of illegal parking at disabled parking spaces,
  3. new charging facilities should be located in less popular locations within carparks (e.g. at the top) - as EV owners/drivers we are happy to move to a quieter area of a carpark to charge where we are less likely to inconvenient others, and therefore more likely to be able to access charging facilities.

Please sign this petition if you too support the idea of EV-friendly public car parks in Hong Kong.

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This petition had 262 supporters

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